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Los Cabos Has Begun Re-Opening Its Doors

Credits: Stanley Rippel | Adobe Stock images

Los Cabos has begun re-opening its doors this month. The government of Baja California Sur is using a new color-coded classification to determine what can open and what protocols are required.

The basics are still very much in place: hand sanitizing, required masks and social distancing. But the new system also has specific restrictions as to the distance required between people, how many people can enter a space, etc. I believe restaurants and hotels are set at 30 percent occupancy for the time being.

Even with some restrictions still in place, it was just great for Cabo to start opening yesterday! We didn’t rush to go out to a restaurant or head to the mall, but knowing we could was really nice. I did see pictures on my Facebook feed, though, showing people on the beach and at bars. I just hope they follow the “rules” because if there is an uptick in cases, we will go back to a “stay at home” order really fast, or so the government says.

We did take a drive downtown as I had to meet someone for work. Believe it or not, my first meal out in 10 weeks was from McDonalds. That’s where we were meeting, and I was craving a cheeseburger. We had planned to meet inside, but when we got there, I found they were serving food, but all the tables were roped off. So, we ended up eating our first meal in the car. My cheeseburger still tasted awesome. Who would have guessed that’s what I craved after almost three months of staying home.

After lunch, my hubby and I drove around town. It was wonderful to see many of the locals who own tourist shops doing business again. And there were a handful of restaurants open as well. The bummer was that we saw a lot of “for rent” signs. Word on the street is that approximately 30 percent of the stores and restaurants that had to close will not be able to open again. That is such sad news for people who rely on these businesses for their livelihood.

We’re planning on going to our golf club to have margaritas on the patio and to book a tee-time for later this week. The club recently opened for just four days a week, but that’s a good start. It’s strange because many of my friends and family in the States have been playing golf over the last few months. Our course closed totally around the first of April. Of all the activities that we couldn’t do, we really missed playing golf the most. It’s gotten hotter so it won’t be as pleasant as it would have been in April or May, but we don’t care. We just want to be outside and swing the clubs again.

We also went to Koi Sushi, an amazing local sushi restaurant. They were just open for takeout, but hoping to open up for full service next week. It was still a treat as my husband has been cooking nightly. It’s funny how the little things like a McDonald’s cheeseburger, some takeout, a restaurant margarita and a round of golf are the things that I’ve missed the most.

Very small things, of course, compared with the people we know who have not been able to work at all since early April. This has put a huge strain on them and their families financially.

By the way, Los Cabos just received the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) “Safe Travels Stamp of Approval,” which has been awarded to just a few travel destinations. So, if you’re thinking about spending some time in the sun, Los Cabos welcomes you with open, safe arms!