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One of the important benefits of living in the Los Cabos area – and Mexico in general – is the significantly lower cost of healthcare. Healthcare services generally are more than 50 percent less expensive than similar services in the U.S.

Los Cabos has a wealth of healthcare professionals and facilities and has become a magnet for top medical professionals.

There are a number of walk-in clinics and hospitals located throughout the area that are staffed with well-trained physicians. Most doctors are certified in both the United States and Mexico and many are bi-lingual.

Los Cabos also has a number of well-equipped hospitals to meet the needs of local residents and expats.

Amerimed, which owns hospitals in a number of Mexican cities, has facilities in both Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo. Amerimed was the first healthcare provider to specialize in medical tourism in Mexico.

Baja Medical Response has been providing specialized medical services to expats and local residents since 1993. It claims to be the largest and best-equipped private hospital in Los Cabos and has advanced medical technology and bilingual physicians.

BlueNet Hospitals offer similar services and have a number of partnerships with American healthcare providers, such as the Stanford School of Medicine and the UC San Diego Health System. BlueNetHospitals is the leading Private Health Care System in Los Cabos providing state-of-the-art treatments, highly personalized services, and the most innovative technology in a friendly, safe, and compassionate environment.

Located between Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo is Hospital H+ Los Cabos. It is part of a group of hospitals that also serve San Miguel de Allende and Querétaro.

Dental services are also much less expensive. Well-trained dentists provide a wide range of procedures from cleaning to implants at more than 50 percent less than comparable services in the U.S. Most dentists also are bi-lingual.

For a list of a few dental providers in Los Cabos, visit this WhatCliniic website.