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If Manzanillo is your destination, be ready to give your air conditioner a run for its money, especially during the wet summer season when humidity spikes. Like most sea-level communities in Mexico, you can expect warm weather pretty much year-round.

The average high temperature in January is 85 F and the low dips to around 68 F, but in July, a daily high of about 90 F and a low of 77 can be expected.

A dip in the ocean will help cool you off a bit. The average sea temperature in January is 78 F, but warms up to around 82 F by summer.

Manzanillo’s rainy season can begin as early as mid-May, but heaviest downpours are usually June through October when it rains frequently, but mostly at night, accompanied by thunder and lightning. The city receives about 38 inches of rain a year, mainly during that five-month period. With rain comes inevitably high humidity, an uncomfortable feature of Mexico’s Pacific Ocean cities, especially during the summer months. You will definitely need the A/C from late-spring to mid-fall.

Manzanillo, like most of the western coast of mainland Mexico, is vulnerable to hurricanes from mainly June through October. In 2015, Hurricane Patricia, the most powerful hurricane ever recorded in the Western Hemisphere, weakened significantly from a Category 5 storm before it made landfall about 45 miles north of Manzanillo.

Mexico’s west coast is also vulnerable to earthquakes. The magnitude 8.0 1995 Colima-Jalisco earthquake damaged areas of Manzanillo and triggered a tsunami along 120 miles of coastline.

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