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Manzanillo Transportation

Traffic in Manzanillo, Mexico
Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Manzanillo is fairly easy to get around by bus, taxi, Uber or car. Depending on the season and weather, you might want to keep your trips by foot well-planned, as the city can get quite hot. Mornings are always better.

The municipality of Manzanillo has 15 bus routes that go all over the city. The fare is just 9 pesos, or about US$.40. Make sure you have small change (exact change), and ask the driver if the bus will stop at the location where you are heading before you pay.

Taxis are also relatively cheap in the city. A one-mile taxi trip is about US$0.77 and it costs a little under US$7 for making a taxi wait for an hour, though this is not usually necessary as they are plentiful and easy to find. Be sure to ask about the price for where you are going before you get in. For example, a taxi ride to Soriana or Walmart from the Las Hadas hotel or condo Puerto Las Hadas costs about US$2.25.

Uber also serves Manzanillo, and besides being convenient, is price-competitive with taxis.

About 35-minutes north of Manzanillo is the Playa de Oro International Airport. This small airport sits along Highway 200. Though frequency can depend on the season (there are typically more flights available during the winter months), it offers flights to and from the U.S. and Canada. It also serves other domestic airports.

If you want to visit other locations in Mexico, you can find first- and second-class buses to other major cities around the country at Manzanillo’s central bus station (TAMA), which is located on Avenida Pacífico Ocean in the downtown area.