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Perched on the Pacific a little over 370 miles north of Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlán is a bit cooler with less rainfall than its international resort neighbor to the south.

The warmest months are from June to October when high temperatures reach just over 90 F and lows are in the mid-70s. Mazatlán’s rainy season begins in July and ends by October. During the rainy season about 16 inches of rain falls on the city. August is the wettest month of the year with over 9 inches of rain, nearly one-third of Mazatlán’s annual rainfall of 31 inches. March, April and May are the driest months.

August is the hottest month of the year with an average high temperature of just over 91 F and a low of nearly 78 F. November through May offers the best stretch of good weather with highs from about 78 F in January to 85 F in May. Nighttime brings good sleeping weather for much of the year, with the coolest lows in January and February when low temperatures are below 60 F.

As with most sub-tropical climates, humidity is always present but it is less noticeable during the cooler winter months. Average humidity hovers between 72 and 78 percent. For beach lovers, the sun shines brightly over 300 days a year.

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Source #1: Servicio Meteoroiogico Nacional
Soource#2: NOAA

Mazatlán’s coastal location also makes it a target for Pacific Ocean hurricanes from time to time. In 1943, a Category 4 hurricane destroyed half the city. Mazatlán also can experience earthquakes, although most of the seismic activity in Mexico is farther south.