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Credit: Jostein Hauge | Thinkstock

Although Mérida is a city of over 1 million people, it is still relatively easy to get around, especially by its extensive bus system.

Many expats have their own vehicles for getting around the city and traveling to the beach, nearby archaeological sites and other cities in Mexico. The Riviera Maya is just over three hours by car and the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico are a half hour away.

If you do not have your own transportation, Mérida has an extensive public transportation system that uses both buses and vans. The fare is about six pesos for travel anywhere within the city. Children, seniors and students may receive discounts. Mérida’s bus system operates like a hub-and-spoke, with the hub being the city center, so it is generally easy to determine how to get to your destination. You can get route information at this Mérida public transportation website.

If you need a taxi, they are plentiful in Mérida. Taxis do not have meters but charge a fixed amount, depending upon where you want to go. The base rate is about 20 pesos and the first mile charged generally is 24 pesos. If you want a taxi to wait for you for one hour, the cost is about 150 pesos.