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Mexican Superstitions for Good Luck In The New Year

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Maria and Fernando Garibay Bloggers at Expats In Mexico
Maria and Fernando Garibay

For our last blog of 2016 we want to give you some Mexican superstitions for good luck in the New Year to give you the best start to 2017 and beyond.

The most traditional rite on New Year’s Eve is to eat 12 grapes at midnight, one for each stroke. This is one of those traditions that you grow up with but don’t know its meaning. We remember when we were little and had our mouths full of grapes at the sound of the tenth stroke and had two more to eat… that was just hilarious! Now, as adults, we continue with this familiar tradition everywhere we spend New Year’s Eve, and we know that each grape represents a month of the New Year and brings good luck every month.

Another Mexican superstition – when the grapes are all gone – is to give a hug to everybody around the table saying, “¡Muchas felicidades!” and “¡Feliz año Nuevo!” This is more like a general greeting to all in the room, but it is one of the most special moments on New Year’s Eve.

Next, we grab one glass of water (already prepared for everybody), which represents all the tears and sadness you may have next year, and throw the water through the window. According to this tradition, you are repelling your tears and sadness for the whole next year.

This is just getting started! Now, you take a broom and sweep part of the entrance to your home from the inside out. With this you are expelling all the bad luck and negative vibes that you may receive next year so you are full of good vibes and luck.

Talking about clothes, the Mexican superstition says, use something new, at least one item and do not forget to use red underwear. Wearing this will bring you good luck, love and passion in your life in the New Year.

Do you want to have money in the New Year? The following Mexican superstition will help you on that particular issue: Take one bill out of your wallet, it doesn’t matter the denomination, but we say the bigger the better, and put it inside your shoe and spend the whole evening with it. That will bring you a lot of money all New Year long.

The last Mexican superstition we are going to share with you this time, because there are plenty, is to grab a suitcase, could be empty or with some clothes, and go out for a small walk. You can go alone or with the person you want to travel with. If you do this, you are sure to have lots of trips in the New Year.

At the end, whether superstitions work or not, it all depends on the faith we have in doing them. Honestly, Fernando and I love doing them. It is the best way to start the New Year and we have lots of fun doing all these Mexican superstitions with our friends and family.

We are very glad to share our Mexican culture and language with you in this blog and thank all of you for reading it and the positive comments you have made. We want to say to all of you “¡Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo!” Enjoy your holidays wherever you are.


  1. I’ve enjoyed your blog very much! Thank you! This New Year’s Eve, I will be staying in my newly purchased condo in Conchas Chinas and look forward to starting my own New Years traditions for years to come with my family and friends. Gracias and “¡Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo!”


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