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Mexico Continues to Shine in a New Global Expat Poll

Mexican Flag
Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Mexico continues to shine in a new global expat poll, retaking third place worldwide this year out of 65 countries surveyed for the best and worst places for expats in 2017.

Conducted every year by InterNations, a global online community for expats, the Expat Insider Survey captured the views of 13,000 expats on a wide range of topics from quality of life to cost of living.

Mexico regained a spot in the best three countries in the world for expats this year after slipping a little last year. It has ranked in the top five globally every year InterNations has conducted its survey.

Bahrain led the list at #1, a surprise since the country barely made the top 20 countries last year. Old favorite Costa Rica was ranked #2.

Mexico shined specifically in the indices: Ease of Settling In, Personal Finance and Cost of Living. Respondents said that they primarily moved to Mexico for a better quality of life. In the overall Quality of Life Index, Mexico ranked first in the Personal Happiness sub-category and also did well in the Leisure Options sub-category, ranking first for socializing and leisure activities.

The study showed that expats In Mexico are happy with their financial situation. About eight-out-of-10 said they considered the cost of living as a potential benefit before moving. Mexico ranked fourth in the Personal Finance Index and second in the Cost of Living Index.

The top 10 favorite places for expats were (in descending order): Bahrain, Costa Rica, Mexico, Taiwan, Portugal, New Zealand, Malta, Colombia, Singapore and Spain.

Greece, because of its financial woes, was at the bottom of the list of 65 countries. Other bottom dwellers were: Kuwait, Nigeria, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Ukraine, Qatar, India and Turkey.

Interestingly, Australia, a perennial top 10 country for expats, fell to 34th place in this year’s study. But, even more interesting, the United States ranked just 43rd out of 65 countries overall, 17 places lower than 2016.

The study showed that the U.S. is viewed as less friendly to foreigners and less stable politically.