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Mexico’s Green Gold: Avocados

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This year, the final day of the holiday season in Mexico – El Día de la Candelaria – was the same day as America’s Super Bowl, where the San Francisco 49ers were defeated by the Kansas City Chiefs in the last few minutes of the game. Whether you rooted for San Francisco or Kansas City, we’re sure that many of you were enjoying guacamole, made with Mexico’s green gold: avocados.

To the astonishment of many expats, the NFL has a large following in Mexico. Some Mexicans – like Maria and I – grew up watching the Super Bowl, especially the great half-time shows!

Now that we are adults, we spend the afternoon of the Super Bowl watching the game with our families as both teams try to win the coveted Vince Lombardi trophy. Something both Mexicans and expats share on this day is the love for avocado, or aguacate. The now-famous guacamole, or as many people know it as the “guacachips,” is the food du jour for this worldwide event.

Last year, Mexican producers of avocados set a record by exporting 120,000 tons of avocados to the U.S., which was 20,000 tons more than 2018. This means that every eight minutes one truck of aguacates of the best quality made its way from the State of Michoacán to the U.S. Michoacán is the major producing state in Mexico for this delicious fruit.

By the way, the name guacamole is the junction of two náhuatl words: “ahuacatl” – the náhuatl name for aguacate – and “molli,” which means salsa or sauce. So, the translation is salsa de aguacate, or avocado sauce.

This time of the year, nine-out-of-10 avocados in the supermarkets in United States come from Mexico. The so- called Mexican “green gold.”

The recipe has varied through time and also through generations. Every family has a special recipe that is not shared with other people because it’s a family secret!

We would share our own recipe with you, but we would need the permission of our grandmother first, you know. Having said that, there are some ingredients that all or almost all recipes share: onions, jalapeños, tomatoes, salt, pepper, lime juice and, of course, avocados. You chop the ingredients, then add the avocado and mix until you get the particular texture that you want.

We hope your Super Bowl was super and your guacamole perfecto!


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