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My Surgery in Puerto Vallarta Was a Big Success

Puerto Vallarta street view
Credit: Stan Shebs | Wikimedia Commons

I’m baaaack! Thankfully, I can say that my surgery in Puerto Vallarta was a big success. Just over two weeks ago, I went into the hospital for an elective surgery to help me lose weight, and I’m happy to report it went very well.

My surgery was first thing in the morning and when I “checked in” to the hospital at dawn, it was almost like checking into a hotel! I was shown to my private room, given an amenities bag with toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, loofah(!) and proceeded to prep for my surgery. The room was lovely and even had a safe for my valuables. I spent one night in the hospital and was released to go home at the end of the following day.

The follow up from the doctor and the nutritionist has been amazing. They are available via phone or text (WhatsApp) when I have a question or concern and they check in on me every couple of days or so. The nameless, faceless experiences that are often the norm in hospitals up north are completely foreign here in Mexico. After two surgical procedures in Puerto Vallarta, one necessary and the other elective, I would not hesitate to have another in Mexico.

For any of you interested in the procedure, I had the gastric bypass. I have been on a liquid diet (not including wine!) for the past 15 days and today I begin to incorporate soft foods into my regime. Yes, I am hungry but not ravenous and the motivating factor is definitely the weight loss. I had my first weigh-in yesterday and I am down 21 pounds since the surgery – THAT IS A LOT! And even though thoughts of tacos and cheeseburgers are dancing in my head, the dreams of new skinny jeans keep me going.

My biggest test is going to be returning to the social lifestyle to which I have become accustomed without overdoing it, but while still enjoying going out. My first hurdle was Thanksgiving. I had signed up to prepare the turkey, stuffing and gravy and did not feel it fair to pull out at the last minute. It went off without a hitch and my friends all enjoyed the fruits of my labors while I sipped an iced tea.

I have been out a few times, to cocktail parties and gatherings. I sip water and take advantage of the chance to walk around and see people rather than planting myself near the bar or hors d’oeuvres platter. My next big test will be dinner at Trio but I have done my research and they have some soups that will fit right into my current diet plan. I am really looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.

Hasta la proxima!