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New Article Series Focusing on Aspiring Expats Moving to Mexico

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I am happy to announce a new article series focusing on aspiring expats moving to Mexico, or in the advanced planning stages, which recognizes the very large number of Americans, Canadians and other Expats in Mexico readers from other countries around the world.

Our new series, “Moving to Mexico,” will profile who these new expats are, where they are coming from, why they decided on Mexico as their new country of residence, what planning process they are using and what recommendations and tips they have to offer other aspiring expats who are considering a move to Mexico.

With the addition of the new series, we will have three expat article series that cover expat life in Mexico, expat entrepreneurs working in Mexico and now, aspiring expats who are moving to Mexico.

The new series recognizes that the majority of our Expats In Mexico audience lives in other countries and are interested in moving to Mexico to work, start new businesses, retire, experience living in a new culture or just change their lifestyle. Many have told us they wanted their kids to experience living in a different country.

By far, the majority of aspiring expats who want to move to Mexico are from the U.S., mirroring the demographic makeup of the more than 1 million expats currently living in Mexico. U.S. Department of State data reveal that nearly three-fourths of expats living in Mexico are American.

Canada is well represented and is second only to the U.S. in the number of expats living in Mexico, although considerably smaller numbers. Canadians are also the third largest group of Expats In Mexico readers, behind expats who live in Mexico.

We also hope to reach out to aspiring expats from the United Kingdom and other countries around the world who make up a much smaller but fast growing segment of our readership. U.K. readership is fourth, behind the U.S., expats living in Mexico and Canada. Australia is a strong fifth.

Now, if you are reading this blog and are in the process of moving to Mexico or planning a move to the country sometime within the next year, or if you live in Mexico and know someone who is planning a move, I would like to hear from you.

You can write to me at info@expatsinmexico.com or use our Contact form on our website to reach me. Let me know your stage of planning/moving and a bit about yourself. I will contact you to see if an interview can be scheduled.