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New Expats In Mexico Features and Voices

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Lockdown lethargy has all of us voraciously consuming new media content as we wait out the subsidence of the global pandemic. That’s why we’re working hard to bring you new Expats In Mexico features and voices in the months ahead.

For starters, we want to make it easier for you to be part of our Expats In Mexico community. That’s why we have decided to lower the yearly subscription rate permanently to U.S.$11.99, or a buck a month, effective May 1. Until then, you will still have to use our 20 percent-off discount coupon code to access our wide range of articles, blogs and city profiles. The monthly subscription rate will remain at US$2.99.

In April, we added Ensenada, a perennially popular expat nesting area on the Pacific about two hours south of San Diego, to our Cities profiles section.  Ensenada is a big favorite of California expats and those wanting or needing to be a short drive to the border. In June, we will be adding Manzanillo to our profiles and a bit later, La Paz, the capital city of Baja California Sur on the western shore of the Sea of Cortez.

We have also added a new writer to our team of talented tellers of tales about Mexico. Leigh Thelmadatter penned a new article on the wonderful world of artisanal handcrafts in Oaxaca. An expert on artisanal work, Leigh also began a new blog this month called, “Creative Hands of Mexico.” We are very happy to have her, and you will be, too.

Sarah DeVries, from her lair in Xalapa, Veracruz, also enlivened our pages in April with her tutorial on “Getting Married in Mexico.” Always witty with a tone of impish fun, Sarah helps make the world look a bit brighter.

But wait…there’s more! Our healthcare expert and blogger Monica Rix Paxson will also weigh in soon with a new article on what expats can expect in Mexico from birth to end of life care, a topic of great importance to all Expats In Mexico readers. If you’ve been reading Monica’s blog, you know that she is an authority on the subject.

You’ll also be reading more articles in the future from Chapala’s Julie Galosy, who is busy right now getting a new book out the door.

Finally, I’m working on a new cost-of-living article that will provide the latest information from our expats around the country, a topic that topped our Monthly Expat Poll in April, followed closely by healthcare.

All of this new content is dependent upon your continued support for what we are providing the expat community in Mexico and those who are planning for a new life in this country. Thanks to all who have subscribed so far and those of you who plan to join us in the near future.

Stay safe, stay well and stay hopeful, amigos. Life will be better.