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Oaxaca’s over 5,100 ft. elevation provides the city with a warm subtropical highland climate year-round. The city’s altitude makes it much cooler than the coastal cities of the state of Oaxaca and much less humid.

Like most of Mexico, Oaxaca has a June through September rainy season when the city receives over 70 percent of its rainfall. Average annual rainfall is just under 30 inches and humidity seldom exceeds 70 percent.

March, April and May are the hottest months of the year with average high temperatures in the low 90s F. The rest of the year is very pleasant with average highs mostly in the low-to-mid-80s F. Night time average low temperatures year-round range from the high 40s F to around 60 F.

The average high temperature in July is about 83 F and the low is just over 59 F. During Oaxaca’s mild winters, evening temperatures drop into the high 40s F, but on occasion have dipped to near freezing.

Hurricanes that develop off Mexico’s southwestern coast sometimes frequent the state of Oaxaca’s coastal cities, but the city’s inland location generally shields it from direct exposure.

Unfortunately, Oaxaca is not shielded from earthquakes. The destructive 7.2 earthquake in February 2018 caused extensive damage to the state. Earthquakes are frequent visitors to the Oaxaca area because itlies close to the boundary where the Cocos Plate is subducted beneath the North American Plate.

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