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Public transportation, as in most Mexican cities, is very inexpensive in Oaxaca. Bus and taxi are the main modes of transportation for most people in the city, although many expats prefer driving their own vehicles. Oaxaca, however, can be difficult to drive in because there are few speed limits or stop signs in most of the area.

The taxi start fare in Oaxaca is about US$2.20. It will cost an additional US$.83 per mile after that. If you want your taxi to wait for you, the cost will be about US$7.75.

Public buses are the main way to get around Oaxaca with many convenient routes and stops. A one-way ticket costs about $8 pesos, or less than US$.50, making it an affordable way to travel throughout the city. However, any resident of Oaxaca over 60 years of age can obtain an INAPAM card, which lowers the price of a bus ticket to just $4 pesos. The card also provides free admittance to all INAH museums and archeological sites, as well as a 50 percent discount on first class inter-city buses.