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Our New EIM Survey 2022 for Expats in Mexico

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Feliz Año Nuevo to all of you and muchas gracias for being part of our Expats In Mexico community. We are kicking off the new year with our EIM Survey 2022 for expats in Mexico. This is the fifth annual study we have done to help us better understand the needs of expats living in Mexico and all of you who are planning or considering a move to Mexico.

In past years, most of our EIM surveys have asked a wide range of questions of those who are moving to the country either within a year or several years. Most of the surveys have covered a wide range of topics specifically related to the needs and requirements of new expats who want to make Mexico their home.

This year, we are asking all expats who are currently living in Mexico either full-time or part-time, to take about three minutes of your day to answer 20 questions that will be helpful to us to develop new content for you and those moving to the country. The data will provide valuable information and guidance for those living in other countries who want to live the expat lifestyle in Mexico.

With this information we will be able to better prioritize the topics we choose for articles and blogs, and add more cities to our Cities section, a highly popular feature of Expats In Mexico. We will also be able to determine if we are missing important content that you value, which will help us develop new content and resources to better meet your needs.

You can click HERE to access the survey, which will be live through February 28. We would like to have all of you take the survey and also let your expat friends who are not EIM readers know they can take the survey. We are also running an ad on our homepage that clicks-through to the survey and will promote the new survey on our Facebook page and through Facebook advertising.

This will be the largest survey of expats living in Mexico that has been done by EIM or anyone else based in Mexico. We will publish an article on EIM in March to present our findings and also distribute key findings from the research to other media for publication.

Many thanks to all of you for being part of the EIM family. We wish you a healthy and prosperous new year!


  1. Will the unvaccinated moving to Lake Chapala/Ajijic be welcomed into society here. We’ve found that none of our friends will want to associate with these folks.


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