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Our Team of Expats In Mexico Bloggers

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Our aim is to bring you quality content that helps make your life in Mexico even better and provides information that you find useful. Judy King from Lake Chapala and Monica Rix Paxson from Cuernavaca have joined our team of Expats In Mexico bloggers with our mission in mind.

Judy’s first blog, “Come to Lake Chapala for the Adventure,” is based on her in-depth knowledge of the lakeside community after three decades of living there. She has worked in local real estate, published an online magazine, reported for the Guadalajara Reporter and, most importantly, wrote, “Living at Lake Chapala,” a primer on lakeside expat life. If you want to know everything there is to know about the Lake Chapala communities, just ask Judy.

Monica Rix Paxson is our brand new healthcare blogger, a topic of great interest to both expats living in Mexico and those who are planning to live in Mexico. She has been writing all of her life and has continued her literary ways in Cuernavaca. She is a science and medical researcher and the author of the fourth edition of the “English Speaker’s Guide to Medical Care in Mexico.” Monica has discussed healthcare in Mexico with CNN, Good Morning America, CBS This Morning and the BBC, among others. Her first blog, “U.S. Citizen Held Hostage in Mexican Hospital Part One,” debuted this week. You can read all about Monica in our profile, “The Expat Healthcare Author from Cuernavaca.”

Judy and Monica join our team of Expats In Mexico bloggers that includes three from Puerto Vallarta: Harriet Murray writes on real estate, Maria O’Connor provides her point of view on the PV lifestyle and Maria and Fernando Garibay offer in-depth looks at Mexican culture. On Mexico’s east coast, Keith Paulson-Thorp not only blogs about his hometown, Mérida, but also rambles around the country reporting on his experiences, like his recent series on Pueblos Magicos in Michoacán. Out west, Kristin Bloomquist blogs on topics of interest to new arrivals in Los Cabos. And in the center of the country, Querétaro, our legal blogger, Diana Cuevas, takes on practical legal topics of great interest to our readers. Diana is featured this month in our article, “Expat Entrepreneurs in Mexico: International Law in Querétaro, Mexico.”

Finally, there is Mi Vista, my blog. I pop up now and then to offer insights on trends and topics that affect Mexico, its people and expats in Mexico.

If we’re missing a blog topic that you would like to see covered, send us a note. We love hearing from you!