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Puerto Vallarta Healthcare

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Puerto Vallarta healthcare is excellent. The city’s status as an international beach resort has attracted many top quality doctors and dentists who provide a wide range of medical and dental services at a reasonable price, compared with similar services in the U.S. and other developed countries.

For such a small city, Puerto Vallarta has excellent hospitals, clinics, emergency and ambulance services and evacuation services. English is widely spoken in the city.

For hospital care, Puerto Vallarta has several good options.

Hospital Joya in the hotel zone is a level-one trauma center and has emergency room and ICU staffing 24-hours each day. Medical equipment and technology is considered the best in Puerto Vallarta, including MRI, CT scans and dialysis. Hospital San Javier Riviera is located in Nuevo Vallarta to serve the north bay.

Vallarta Medical Center is a state-of-the-art level-four trauma center located in the city’s hotel zone. Equipment includes CT scans and MRI.

CMQ Premiere Hospital, just east of the hotel zone, and Hospital Medasist in Zona Romatica are also recommended. Both can provide CT scans.

All hospitals in Puerto Vallarta offer emergency evacuation services and have English-speaking staff. Hospitals require payment in full at checkout. Most take major credit cards.

Dental services are also plentiful with a wide range of options and local dentists.

For both doctor and dentist recommendations, rely on expats currently living in Puerto Vallarta. You can find them on the Expats In Mexico Facebook page or other Facebook pages focused on Vallarta expats.