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If Santiago de Querétaro is your destination, you can expect mild temperatures year-round. The city’s cool weather, relative to other parts of the country, can be attributed to itselevation, which is 6,100 feet above sea level.

The warmest months of the year are April and May, but the second half of March can be quite warm as well, depending on the year. During this time, daily temperatures are in themid-80’s and can surpass 90 F. The weather starts to cool down in June with the start of the rainy season. Average lows are usually in the 50s most of the year, but drop into the 40s during the winter.

Like much of Mexico, Querétaro receives most of its rainfall during the months of June through September. Since Querétaro has a semi-arid climate, the rainy season is very mild compared to other parts of the country. However, the city is prone to flooding when sudden rains fall hard and fast. During the rainy period, rainfall is about 15 inches, or about 75 percent of the city’s annual precipitation.

Querétaro’s elevation and fresh, dry climate will usually protect you from feeling damp andsticky, even in hot weather. Instead, you will enjoy pleasantly cool evenings and nights.

Natural disasters are rare in the city. Occasional flooding, due to land subsidence and construction on the hills surrounding the city-center, can be dangerous, however

Climate chart for Querétaro, Mexico