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With a metropolitan area population of over one million people, Querétaro City provides a wide range of medical services that are significantly cheaper than in the U.S.

Many expats choose to use international health insurance or their U.S. health insurance (if applicable) in Mexico and go to private hospitals when needed. Private doctors are typically very affordable, and there is private insurance available for purchase in Mexico, as well. U.S.Medicare benefits cannot be used in Mexico

Hospital Angeles, Hospital H+ and Hospital San José are all popular choices with expats. There also is a Cancer Center. If you plan on buying an insurance plan locally, go to the hospital where you wish to be treated to find out which plans they take.

In Querétaro, as in all of Mexico, the bill must be paid in full before leaving the hospital, and some hospitals require a deposit before treating you.
Querétaro also has many dental services to choose from, and dental work is very reasonably priced.