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Report Shows Expats in Mexico Love Working Remotely

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The key focus of The Future of Working Abroad report – extracted from the Expat Insider 2021 Survey conducted earlier this year by Munich, Germany-based InterNations – is remote working. The report shows that expats in Mexico love working remotely, which the report says represents the concept of what it calls New Work.

The data show that 46 percent of expats working in Mexico like the opportunity to work remotely from home best about their current job, compared with just 32 percent globally. Importantly, 89 percent of expats in Mexico have the option to work remotely versus 78 percent of the rest of the countries surveyed by InterNations.

In this report, the company makes clear that the future of working abroad is what they term New Work, work that can be done remotely mainly from home, but also from offices, often temporary or shared offices.

The attractions of remote work, according to nearly 60 percent of all 8,313 respondents globally, are autonomy, freedom, creativity, personal development and self-fulfillment. These values are, the study shows, closely related to the concept of New Work, which describes the new way of working in the world of globalization and digital communication.

The importance of New Work in local business cultures is highest in the United States, United Arab Emirates, Finland, Estonia, the Netherlands, Bahrain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Sweden. Mexico ranks thirty-third out of the 50 countries measured.

The concept of New Work is fueled by the rise in the number of remote workers across the globe. The report says nearly 80 percent of expats are able to work remotely in 2021. About four-out-of-10 expats work fully remotely and the balance of remote workers work 15 days a month or less.

Expats in Mexico have a long history of working remotely, whether for companies in other countries or as independent entrepreneurs. Remote working is often the main route to economic sustainability for expats of all ages who continue to work. The continuing expansion of broadband networks in Mexico has helped accelerate the growth of New Work in the country.

Who fits the profile of expats working in Mexico? We asked InterNations to provide us with this profile:

Why Did They Move to Mexico?

  • 44 percent came for work-related reasons
  • 17 percent found jobs on their own
  • 7 percent were recruited internationally
  • 14 percent were sent to Mexico by their employer
  • 6 percent wanted to start their own business abroad
  • 10 percent moved for love or wanted to live in their partner’s home county
  • 9 percent were looking for an adventure

What Is the Average Age of Expat Workers in Mexico?

Just over 45-years-old, compared with a global average of 43.

How Well Educated Are They?

  • 89 percent have graduated from a college or university
  • 51 percent have a master’s or post-graduate degree
  • 6 percent hold doctoral degrees

How Many Hours Do They Work?

  • Full-time workers average about 45 hours a week
  • Part-timers about 20 hours a week

How Do They View Their Current Job?

  • 81 percent are generally satisfied, compared with 73 percent globally
  • 69 percent are happy with their job security
  • 66 percent like their working hours
  • 71 percent give a big thumbs up to their work-life balance
  • 51 percent are happy with local career opportunities
  • 59 percent are satisfied with the state of the local economy

What Do Expats in Mexico Appreciate About Their Current Job?

  • 46 percent enjoy the opportunity to work remotely from home, compared with just 32 percent globally
  • 34 percent like their flexible work hours
  • 26 percent say the good work-life balance, although 32 percent globally cite work-life balance as a positive
  • Expats in Mexico also rank good compensation lower than the global average, 23 percent to 28 percent globally
  • Only 17 percent say they do creative or interesting tasks, compared with 21 percent globally

Here is a graphic with more New Work demographic details:

InterNations graphic remote working demos
Credit: InterNations

Although nearly 90 percent of Expats in Mexico have the option to work remotely in the country, about 16 percent say they can work remotely, but would prefer not to. On the other hand, 76 percent who can work remotely enjoy doing so, which InterNations says is eight percentage points higher than the global average.

This report supports the findings of several Expats In Mexico surveys we have conducted since our inception five years ago. In fact, we have profiled many entrepreneurs who have gladly and profitably joined the ranks of what InterNations defines as New Work and the future of working abroad: digital nomads and dedicated remote workers.

Mexico has grown considerably as a New Work destination for expats in the last 20 years. When I operated a global brand consultancy when I first arrived in Puerto Vallarta nearly 20 years ago, the local ISP was an unreliable, slow dial-up provider. Now, TelMex and other telecommunications companies provide very fast and reliable broadband services to cities throughout Mexico. Our provider, TelMex, delivers 200 MBPS for less than US$30 per month, a substantial speed upgrade and cost downgrade from our previous home in California.

Our thanks to InterNations, the world’s largest expat community, for providing Expats In Mexico with specific, detailed information from Mexico respondents for this article. The study represents the views of 8,313 expats living in 175 destinations and representing 166 nationalities.


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