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San Miguel de Allende Healthcare

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One of the important benefits of living in San Miguel de Allende – and Mexico in general – is the significantly lower cost of healthcare. Healthcare services generally are more than 50 percent less expensive than similar services in the U.S.

The hospital most recommended by expats in San Miguel is H+ San Miguel de Allende, formerly known as Clínica Tec 100. The hospital provides a wide range of medical services and has built a new specialty medicine office building adjacent to the hospital with 21 medical offices and over 20 different medical specialties and a pharmacy. New specialty medicine offerings include the new Acute and Chronic Wound Treatment Center and a Rehabilitation Center for physical therapy. The hospital has also acquired new surgical and medical equipment. Doctors are board certified and most are bi-lingual.

Dental services are also much less expensive. Well-trained dentists provide a wide range of procedures from cleaning to implants at more than 50 percent less than comparable services in the U.S. Most dentists also are bi-lingual.

For a list of a few dental providers in San Miguel, visit this Dental Departures website.