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San Miguel de Allende Transportation

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San Miguel is a hilly, old colonial city that is laced with narrow, cobblestone streets, which makes it perfect for walking but less so for driving. Many expats forego owning an automobile simply because the city is congested and it is difficult to get around by car.

If you are too far away from your destination or find walking up hills challenging, taxis are plentiful and an inexpensive way to get around town. They charge a flat rate of about US$2 within the city center, more outside Centro or after dark. If you call a taxi to pick you up at a specific location, there is an additional charge, usually double the normal fare. Be sure to ask your driver what rate will be charged before you leave for your destination.

Buses are another inexpensive option, usually under US$1 a ticket. During the day and early evening until 9 p.m., buses run frequently throughout the city from the top of Insurgentes street in Centro. Although each route has a number, you also can identify them by the names of the main stops listed on the front window of each bus. You should enter the bus by the front door and leave by the rear door. Blue signs along the routes mark bus stops throughout the city.