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Something New Is Coming to Expats In Mexico on April 1

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Something new is coming to Expats In Mexico on April 1 and it is not a prank or practical joke on April Fool’s Day. Next Wednesday Expats In Mexico – The Expat Guide to Living in Mexico – will introduce our new “Freemium” subscription model.

What is a “Freemium” subscription model? It simply means that our readers will have free access to all the content on Expats In Mexico, except for articles, blogs and city profiles, the content we deem premium content, the content of highest value to readers and the most work to produce.

We have tried to operate our business with advertising revenue for the past three and a half years, but, frankly, it hasn’t been enough to cover our operating expenses. So, like many other online publications, we realized that sustainability requires a new way of doing business.

On April 1, Expats In Mexico will look the same, but when articles and blogs and content within our Cities section are accessed, the page will download, but only the first paragraph will be readable, followed by a Subscribe button.

When you click on Subscribe, it will take you to a page offering two options: 1) Subscribe monthly for US$2.99 a month if you are primarily interested in reading current content and don’t want a longer commitment, or, 2) Subscribe yearly for US$14.99 if you want to receive all the new content we publish each month and all we have produced to date.

For the month of April, we are offering a 20 percent discount for yearly subscriptions, bringing the introductory price down to just $11.99 for your first year. If you would like to take us up on this offer, use the coupon code located in the paragraph just below the two options.

With more income to work with, we’ll be able to bring you more high-quality content each month and broaden our range of article writers, like Sarah DeVries and Julie Galosy, who have contributed outstanding work on topics that have captured your interest.

We will also be able to bring you more city profiles. We will be adding Ensenada, Manzanillo and La Paz this year to our profiles. City profiles provide the detailed information that helps readers sort through the cities in Mexico to determine where they wish to live or visit.

And in the next several months, look for a new section we will be adding to the free portion of our site: Marketplace. With your help, we will curate the very best companies for the listed business categories within Marketplace, which will help readers find local resources throughout Mexico. If you are an advertiser and would like to be considered for Marketplace, contact us at info@expatsinmexico.com.

We believe that asking you to subscribe to our premium content will provide you with a better-quality reading experience by adding more content and more diverse writing voices, and new high-value sections in the future. We hope you agree.