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Take Our 2018 Expats In Mexico Survey

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As the expats in Mexico community continues to grow rapidly, we want to make sure that we are providing the content you need and want. That’s why we’re asking all of you to set aside about two minutes of your time to take our 2018 Expats In Mexico survey.

It’s a pretty painless process and will give you an opportunity to help us round out our profile of the expat community in Mexico and develop more focused content for you to read.

To take the survey, just click on this LINK. You’ll be done in less than two minutes.

Our first annual survey in January 2017 yielded some interesting results. Based on responses from just over 100 expats living in Mexico, we found that 24 percent of expats chose weather as their #1 reason for moving to Mexico, followed closely by lifestyle (20 percent) and local community (15 percent).

Interestingly, cost of living was just 7 percent. The “other” category, which reflected many other reasons, was checked by nearly 26 percent of the expats who answered this question.

Our survey this year gives you many more options to choose from, including a Comments section that will allow you to write in whatever reason or reasons not shown.

The Lake Chapala area was the favored destination in Mexico for 24 percent of those who participated in last year’s study and perennial favorite Puerto Vallarta (18 percent) was the second most popular hometown for expats. San Miguel de Allende (8 percent) came in third and Mazatlán (5 percent) fourth.

Expats are scattered throughout Mexico, though, reflected by the 38 percent of respondents who checked the “other city” category. In our survey this year, you’ll be able to write-in the name of your hometown in Mexico.

We will leave the survey open for one month to allow you the opportunity to take it at your convenience, so be sure to set aside a couple of minutes to complete the survey by February 15th, 2018.

If you have any questions regarding the survey, please contact us by email at info@expatsinmexico.com.