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Take the Expats In Mexico Survey 2021  

Credits: Luna Vandoorne | Adobe Stock images

It’s January and time once again for our annual EIM survey. This year, our study focuses on moving to Mexico. For all of you not currently living in Mexico as expats, please take the Expats in Mexico Survey 2021 to help us better understand your needs.

We’ve been fielding our survey in January and February for the past four years, exploring the motivations, likes and dislikes, needs and wants and profiles of both expats currently living in Mexico and all of the aspiring expats in Mexico living around the world.

This year our focus is on aspiring expats, particularly those of you who are planning or considering retirement in Mexico, which we have learned from previous studies includes a large number of Baby Boomers, especially from the U.S.

We are also partnering with a real expert on the subject this year. We featured Travis Luther in a EIM article in May of this year. His book, “The Fun Side of the Wall” was based on extensive research he conducted for several years with expats in Mexico.  It’s a look at why American Boomers are leaving the U.S. for Mexico and making new lives for themselves throughout the country.

With our new research we want to learn even more about who wants to move to Mexico, why they want to move, how they will go about moving, when they will move and where they will move.

We plan to share the analysis of the research with the Mexican government and others to help them plan for what we believe will be a wave of new expats moving to Mexico in this decade. Currently, the government of Mexico’s census data shows nearly 1.3 million expats living in the country, about 1 million are Americans.

To participate in the survey, please click on this link to begin. After you read the informational paragraph and click on OK, the 23-question survey should take you less than five minutes to complete.

Although the survey will be active through February 28, we would love for you to start right away. Last year we had nearly 450 responses to our Expats In Mexico Survey 2020.  More responses improve the quality of our analysis, so please participate if you can. We will publish an article with the results of the study later in March.

Muchas gracias y Feliz Año Nuevo, amigos!