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The Expat Vote in Mexico

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Maria O'Connor blogs for Expats In Mexico Blogger
Maria O’Connor

The U.S. is on the brink of one of the most important elections I can recall and the expat vote in Mexico may very well make a very big difference this year.

My parents had a mixed marriage; my father was a Republican and my mother a staunch Democrat. From an early age we were politically aware and had wonderful arguments about the issues at hand. One thing that they both agreed on was the importance of voting. Yesterday I sent off my ballot for this election, my ninth Presidential election. Since I became eligible to vote at 18, I have never missed a vote.

When I first moved to Puerto Vallarta, absentee voting from Mexico was a tedious process. With the improvements in technology and the introduction of the Internet, things have changed considerably in the last 25 years. Right now registering and voting is a breeze!

I have found the Federal Voting Assistance Program website to be particularly helpful for voter registration. It is a program established by the Defense Department to help those in the military and others living abroad to vote. It’s a non-partisan website and the step-by-step registration process online is a snap.

Democrats Abroad is also a group that has many events aimed towards voter registration and getting out the vote. The Mexican arm of this organization was set up after the 2000 election and now has chapters throughout the country. The Costa Banderas chapter is active in the Puerto Vallarta area.

When living in Mexico, one has the added advantage of being able to see how others see us and the political system in the United States. Last Monday night’s first presidential debate spawned debate-watching parties all over town, with Americans, Canadians and Mexicans in attendance. Eyes are on the U.S. to see what we do in November. Let’s just say that there are no Hillary Clinton piñatas. Please vote.


  1. Thanks for the wonderful post..ex-pats in Mexico and around the world are active and they are voting..I hope all ex-pats exercise their voting rights.

  2. Just another gentle reminder of the meaning of the word “expat”…it refers to ALL foreigners residing in Mexico, not just Americans. The election you refer to is the US election, and you would be more accurate referring to the “American expat vote”….interestingly, over a year ago, I mobilized a Canadian expat vote here in the Punta Banda area, to aid in ousting the nastiest right-wing militaristic bible-thumping oilman’s government that Canada has ever been cursed with. We succeeded and now have a more humane Liberal Party gov’t in place under Justin Trudeau. I wish you all luck in selecting a new prez who isn’t insane! The world will thank you also!

  3. This ellection, being so close, is baffling and scary! Are Americans (I am an American, myself) so stupid not to see that Trump is simply NOT qualified to be the president of the USA?! Oh, my gosh! Come on, people…!

  4. As a long time Republican, I am ashamed of the monster that our party created and the cowardise of our elected leaders to continue to support this insane man.
    It seems that party is ahead of country to way too many Republicans.
    What a nightmare !

  5. I have dual citizenship so I vote in both US and Canadian elections. No excuse not to as you can submit your US ballot by email, as I did today. If you don’t have a scanner ask a friend who has one and then it takes 2 minutes to scan and email your vote in. As the Nike commercial said “Just do it!”

    • Remember there are many low info. voters who vote not by listening and discussing issues, but by pure emotion. I hope that the insane person won’t be successful in mobilizing these low info. voters. All expats should and must vote to prevent this from happening. The republicans have certainly lost there minds this year.


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