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The Hospitality of Mexicans

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Maria and Fernando Garibay Bloggers at Expats In Mexico
Maria and Fernando Garibay

The hospitality of Mexicans is very well known around the world. People from other countries, especially from cold countries, are fascinated with our warmth, the way we try to make contact with foreigners and create a friendship right away.

The hospitality of the Mexican people goes beyond the bars, pubs and on the streets. Have you ever been invited by a really good Mexican friend to his or her parent’s house because of a birthday, first communion, an anniversary or any other family celebration?

Well, this is the opportunity to go the extra mile in bonding with the local people. Even if you don’t know Spanish you won’t miss the important part of the celebration. So, you are in the party, trying to fit in somewhere, when people start approaching, maybe with a beer or something to drink. Although you don’t speak the same language, Mexicans will try to make themselves understood with sign language. Because that’s what parties are all about, enjoying the celebration, catching up with people you haven’t seen in a while and making new friends. That’s why we Mexicans love parties!

During the party you can tell all the effort the hosts have put in to make sure their guests are happy, or as we say in Mexico: “Tirar la casa por la ventana.” That literally translates to “throw the house out the window” and means that they are spending a great amount of money, time and effort to provide the best food, the best drinks and the best location for the party. That’s when you see how hospitable Mexican families can be.

Sometimes expats and travelers feel overwhelmed to tears because of all the attention we give to you, asking you if you are comfortable, if you need anything or surprise you with a special bottle of wine.

The host of the party can even show you around their house and really make you part of the celebration. This is what distinguishes Mexican people from other cultures: To really make you feel at home and become another member of the family.

We always want to make the celebration unforgettable because that’s how we enjoy them. So, next time you are invited by a Mexican friend to attend a party, don’t hesitate to go. You will see the hospitality of Mexicans..


  1. This is so true. Sure the climate and cost of living are big attractions but what we appreciate more about living at Lake Chapala is the hospitality and the opportunity to immerse ourselves with the Mexican community. After being here nearly 10 years, we frequently say we are “American Mexicans”…we feel accepted and welcome.

  2. David’s comments are so true. We have lived in Mexico for five years and have picked up quite a bit of Spanish so we can converse quite well in Spanish now but even before that we met some fantastic Mexicans who became amongst our closest friends. They invited us into their home for celebrations and to go out on “adventure trips” with them to amazing areas that they knew where tourists are never seen. We feel like members of their family and vice-versa. It is truly a wonderful life here in Mexico.


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