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The Legend of the Terrifying Hairy Hand

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Here in Mexico we have all kinds of myths and legends. Some of them are scary and some of them are scarier. This time we are going to share one of the legends that has become so big that they have even created a radio show from it. People call and tell all kinds of spooky stories that give you goosebumps. It’s called the legend of the terrifying hairy hand, or “La Mano Peluda” (the hairy hand).

This legend took place in the state of Puebla, and more specifically, in the capital with the same name. It foretells that back in the beginnings of the 20th century, in the beautiful city of Puebla, there were many pawn shops, or casas de empeño, which were called monte pío. People in need went to these places to be able to solve their money problems. However, there was one pawn shop in particular that was managed by a man called Señor Villa, better known as Mr. Horta.

This man was very short, heavy and bald with a lot of hair on his body. Mr. Horta loved to wear big and thick rings set with beautiful precious gems. His insatiable greed made him an unscrupulous man, who often took advantage of all the poor people that went to his shop looking for help. He didn’t care about these people and it was common for him to treat his customers very badly. Mr. Horta never did any good deeds in his life.

Mr. Horta used to walk around town with his wife, La Gangosa, very proudly showing off his wealth to everybody. He was so hated by everyone that from time to time you could hear people whispering, “Please God, dry out Mr. Horta’s hand!” when they were passing in front of his business.

After many years the greedy man died and as a divine punishment his hand dried out and all the rings incarnated in that hairy, black and disgusting hand of his.

Time passed, but it wasn’t until the newspaper “El Duende” (The Goblin) published an article about the gravedigger of that cemetery. Every night he saw this terrifying hairy hand crawling until it reached the surface looking for victims to take their eyes out and then choke the poor victim to death. After the hairy hand was satisfied with killing enough people, it would go back to Mr. Horta’s grave and wait for the next night to go out and kill more people.

Nowadays, there are still people who swear they have seen this hairy hand running in the fields, looking like a big, deformed tarantula that is searching for more victims to kill. People even say they are dragged out of their beds while they are sleeping by this demonic hand with superhuman strength.

Next time you go to Puebla, or “The City of Angels” as it is known, be very careful to avoid meeting this creepy hand.


  1. For us it was used as a threat to stop horsing around after bedtime ,since we had individual beds, the bad part was it made me urinate on my self a few times since I didn’t want to be grabbed going to the bathroom ,thanks mom


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