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Top 10 Reasons Why People Are Moving to Mérida

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Mérida has a large and growing expat community, attracted to the capital of the state of Yucatán by many factors. Here are the top 10 reasons why people are moving to Mérida.

1. Strong demand from Mexican buyers, investors and renters. The primary engine powering the growth of Mérida is internal growth from around the country. Mexicans from Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara and Veracruz are moving to Mérida to enjoy the lifestyle, cost of living and safety.

2. Infrastructure investments. Mérida is investing in new bridges, highways, government buildings, universities, trade schools, museums, hotels, shopping centers, cultural centers, markets, electrical grid, renewable fuel resources and new neighborhoods and schools.

3. Cost of living advantages. Mérida enjoys diverse income levels and standards. There are markets that serve all groups and government programs to aid the very poor. You can shop at stores like Costco, Sears, Sam’s or Walmart, but the best buys for produce and household products will be found at the local markets.

4. Public Safety. Despite a swiftly growing population and the demands it puts on policing, public safety and the criminal justice system, Yucatán has one of the lowest incidences of crime in Mexico.

5. Demand from foreign buyers, investors and renters. An influx of mostly Canadians, Americans and Europeans looking for a tropical lifestyle that provides greater flexibility in cost-of-living, lower taxes and household expenses is a strong driver of local real estate demand. And, importantly, most foreigners feel welcomed by the Mexican and the Yucatecan populace

6. Educated workforce. Businesses moving to Mérida can count on a large pool of educated young people to help grow their business. Additionally, the local pueblos provide a large pool of laborers.

7. Excellent and inexpensive healthcare facilities, doctors and hospitals. Mérida has a wide range of healthcare services that can meet any need you may have from top-rated hospitals to highly-qualified and experienced doctors offering a wide range of specialties to dentists and in-home healthcare specialists. Mérida can meet any healthcare need you may have.

8. Excellent universities, trade schools, cultural arts schools and language schools. The city provides a vast menu of institutions to provide for continuing education, higher education or alternative learning centers.

9. Tropical weather and local beaches. Accessibility to clean beaches, water sports, fishing and marinas is one of the key reasons people move here. An abundance of sunshine and year-round warm weather enables lush tropical gardens and fruit trees. Our tropical climate allows for every day outdoor living.

10. Culture and lifestyle. Mérida really has it all: Maya culture and historical sites, shopping, cinema, art studios, theater, restaurants, night life, casinos, cantinas, symphony orchestra, opera and fabulous Yucatecan people. If you love to dine out, you will find just about anything you are looking for: Italian, Cuban, French, Irish, Asian and of course Mexican cuisine.

I have lived in Mérida for nearly 25 years and have seen this city grow to over 1 million people. Expats who move here love it. Now, you can see why.