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Top Prize in the Expats In Mexico Photo Contest Goes to Tampico Expat

Military day parade in Mexico City, Mexico
Credit: Jason Boren

The top prize in the Expats In Mexico photo contest goes to Tampico expat Jason Boren with his stunning photo of a young girl watching a military parade in Mexico City.

His photo was taken during the Mexican Independence Day military parade in Mexico City this year. Jason described his photo this way: “The Avenue of Reforma was packed with proud patriotic watchers. If you have the opportunity, you will not be disappointed.”

Jason received a US$300 Amazon gift certificate as the winner of this year’s I Love Mexico Photo Contest, which celebrated Expats In Mexico’s third anniversary.

We asked expats living in Mexico, aspiring expats who plan to move to Mexico and the many frequent travelers to the country to submit a photo that best captured their love for Mexico. Photos came mainly from Mexico, the U.S. and Canada, but we also had several entries from the Netherlands this year.

Our team judged 29 entries based on originality and artistic merit to determine the three best photos.

Haunting photo of woman in Mexico
Credit: Itztli Parra Hernandez

Second place went to Itztli Parra Hernandez from Conroe, Texas who sent us a haunting black and white photo of a woman’s offering entitled, “Las raíces vivas y latiendo con fuerza devastadoras.” Itztli received a US$200 Amazon gift certificate for her photo.






Agua Azul in Chiapas, Mexico
Credit: Kate Phillips

Kate Phillips from Guadalajara was our third-place winner with her gorgeous photo of Agua Azul in Chiapas. Kate said, “The color of the water is like none I’ve ever seen before and is due to the high mineral content.” Kate received an Amazon gift certificate for US$100.





The Day of the Dead in Mexico City, Mexico
Credit: Cyndra Schultz

Last year, Cyndra Schultz from Playa del Carmen took the top prize with her black and white photo of a Day of the Dead parade in Mexico City. We featured Cyndra in our article, “Living in Photo Friendly Playa del Carmen.”

You will also get to know Jason, Itztli and Kate a bit better in the months ahead. We will be doing feature articles on each of them.

A special thanks to all of you who submitted photos this year. It’s always a very difficult decision to choose the very best from the many wonderful images of Mexico. You can see them all in our Contest Photos gallery.