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We Have the Answers to Your Questions About Mexico

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We have the answers to your questions about Mexico. Whether it’s about moving to Mexico, living in Mexico, starting a business in Mexico, working in Mexico, retiring in Mexico or a category you haven’t thought of yet, let us know and we’ll answer it in our new Frequently Asked Questions section, which can be accessed by clicking on FAQ in the navigation bar or clicking on FAQ under Categories at the bottom of each page.

In the battle of the acronyms, FAQ beat out Q&A after a year’s struggle. We reviewed the types of questions you’ve been asking and determined that many were more generic in nature and often the same questions were being asked, but in different forms.

Our Frequently Asked Questions hone in on, well, the most frequently asked questions from our readers as well as others who have similar questions. We continually scan our Facebook group and other Facebook groups dedicated to those interested in all things about Mexico, including specific expat groups. We also scour our Twitter and YouTube channels to see what questions are being asked. And, of course, we review the questions you send us directly through email.

We have organized our FAQ section by specific topics you are most interested in, such as cost of living, education and employment, so you can find answers to your questions more easily by topic. Most of the answers can be found on this website, we just make it easier by summarizing the answers and providing you with links to all of the site content that is relevant to your question.

The content is also dynamic. No, it doesn’t leap off the page in a single bound, but it is constantly evolving as we learn more about the topics that are of interest to you. Immigration is a good example. In addition to our Immigration section under Mexico in the navigation bar, our legal expert Alfonso Roman continually provides us with the latest updated immigration information through his blog, “Make It Legal.”

Immigration, by the way, is the hottest topic category these days. It seems there is a rather large uptick of interest in moving to Mexico, particularly from Americans.

If you have a question, send it to us at info@expatsinmexico.com or just click on our Contact link on the top of each page to send us an email. And, yes, we still encourage you to ask specific questions in the Comments section of each article, blog or other content. We’ll answer your question and if it is broad enough to share with all of our readers it will be added to the FAQ section.

And don’t worry about fitting your question into one of our topics. We will add topics as necessary to make sure we cover everything you want to know.