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Happy New Year and Welcome to Mexico

City square in Campeche, Mexico
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Robert Nelson Co-Founder of Expats In Mexico
Robert Nelson

Happy New Year to all of you expats in Mexico and a warm welcome to Mexico for all of you considering or planning a move to this beautiful country in 2017.

Mexico has always been a magnet for expat adventurers from the U.S., Canada and other countries, but interest in living in Mexico has soared over the last few months. Online searches for the keywords “Move to Mexico” and “Moving to Mexico” have increased significantly as aspiring expats from around the world discover the many charms of Mexico.

Just this week cbsnews.com reported that more Americans are retiring outside the U.S. and listed Mexico as the #3 country of choice. Only Canada and Japan are more popular with American retirees.

And as more Americans, Canadians, Brits and others join the 1 million expats already living in Mexico in the new year, Expats In Mexico will continue to be your home for information and expat community engagement on how to move to Mexico, live in Mexico and work in Mexico.

We’ll kick off 2017 with our first annual Expats In Mexico Survey, which will provide insights on a range of questions from why expats moved to Mexico to how they earn a living. Look for a link to the survey on our homepage the first week of January so you can participate.

You’ll also have a chance to win prizes by submitting a 3-minute or less video on why you love Mexico during the first quarter of 2017. We’ll be teaming up with the Mexico Tourism Board to judge the videos and award prizes. All videos will be available on our YouTube channel. Look for our announcement on the EIM homepage in January.

We’ll also be expanding our city profiles next year to include Merida, Guanajuato, Ensenada/Rosarito Beach and Mazatlan. Are you interested in a city we haven’t yet covered? Contact us.

Many of you have also asked for an expat community forum on Expats In Mexico, and I’m very happy to say that by February your wish will be fulfilled. We’ll have a number of different topic categories for you to ask questions and engage with other expats in Mexico as well as aspiring expats from many other countries.

Finally, look for a continual stream of new articles on a wide variety of topics. We’ll kick off the year with an article on how to move to Mexico and feature articles on an expat living in Guanajuato and an expat entrepreneur in Puerto Vallarta. Of course, look for the latest blogs from our Expats In Mexico bloggers. They’ll continue to bring you seasoned expat insights on real estate, legal issues, the expat lifestyle and culture and language in Mexico.

Muchas gracias y Prospero Año Nuevo!