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Welcome to the Fantastic Food of Mexico

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Hello everyone and welcome to the “Fantastic Food of Mexico,” my new blog for Expats In Mexico that will bring you restaurant reviews from around Mexico each month.

Before I review a new restaurant in Guadalajara, let me tell you a bit about myself. I am retired and living all over Mexico, traveling to taste the fantastic food of Mexico, going places where I am led by known and new foodies, following the trail of crumbs to heaven everyday.

In addition, I am what Mexicans call “a home chef,” meaning I have no restaurant of my own. I cook for everyone in my life, loving the opportunity to commune with friends and family, new people, grocery stores, mercados and fruit stalls.

Funny enough, my uncle Efren Juarez designed and built Guadalajara’s historical landmark Mercado San Juan de Dios, where every known Mexican food can be found as well as fresh produce, herbs, spices and so on. Music is played there by Mariachis and single, roaming guitarists who serenade you as you gloat on enchiladas, menudo, tacos y tortas, and so forth.

In the very near future I will do an Anthony Bourdain-inspired video of that landmark marketplace and post it for all to see. You must visit Guadalajara, my home town, and eat at the numerous cafes and restaurants I write about, because I choose innovative and exotic cuisine in place of boring (to me) places that serve non-palatable food.

So, come along for the ride and be part of the food revolution that is now taking place all around the world! Comments are welcome and suggestions as well. Tell me your favorite place. I just might trek there, fork in hand! Now, here is just a taste of my January restaurant review.

There is a restaurant-bar with a patio-like atmosphere that is at once trendy, artistic and simple. Murals cover the interior walls. The owners wanted to create a space where you could feel comfortable all day, sit and chat and have drinks without being “moved” to seat more customers. Yet with this space there is still another smaller room that is more formal with velvet banquettes and fine tabletops. What makes me write about Sal de Gusano, which is an expression meaning “the worm’s salt” due to its association with mezcal and tequila, is the dishes are created to pair well with the mezcal of your choice, and this, my friends is not an easy task.

The site is a true jewel in contemporary Mexican gastronomy. Why, you might ask? Well, because this site has an added name: Mezcalería. The House mezcal comes in three varieties, and it is specially made for them by a little-known mezcal master from Oaxaca. But, I hesitate to write more about this place right now because in spite of the wonderful menu on hand, there is a different, new and exciting menu being planned for January.

Let me just say that this restaurant was visited four times by a couple from California during their week-long Guadalajara stay. So stay tuned for a complete review of Sal de Gusano next time.

Buen provecho!