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What Summer Is Really Like in Los Cabos

Los Cabo coast
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In local real estate, summer is traditionally known as the slow season as visitors melt away in the heat. But I would like you to know what summer is really like in Los Cabos.

Hotel occupancy drops, there are fewer cruise ships in the harbor and, overall, the streets feel a little quieter. The main reason for this is our hot and definitely more humid weather. That being said, we moved here from Arizona and Cabo doesn’t even come close to the 110+ degree days that we experienced living there!

Hurricane season also arrives in August and September. While the season doesn’t mean we are going to get a storm, people tend to avoid potential weather issues. The telltale sign that the season is upon us is the appearance of hurricane shutters covering the windows and doors of homes that are empty for the summer months.

All that being said, life in Cabo does not stop during the summer months. In fact, we have been surprised that even in mid-July, Costco and Walmart are still busy and restaurants are far from empty. If you’re visiting, you can most likely get a much better deal in the summer months than in the high season. The pool at your resort probably won’t be as crowded and the bar will still be open.

Activities in the summer months include the Los Cabos Open tennis tournament, which runs from July 29 through August 3. It’s the ATP 250 tour and while it doesn’t feature the big-name players like Nadel or Federer, there is some really good tennis being played in a fun venue. Local restaurants serve drinks and food during the evening matches, making it not just a tennis tournament, but a social event as well.

Also, the summer months are a great time for the beach. If you head to Medano, you can hang at the beach with a bucket of beers or rounds of margaritas and soak up the sun and do some amazing people-watching. If you are feeling more active, there are a multitude of activities available from jet skiing to parasailing to paddle boarding to flyboarding and more.

The Baja also has some fascinating marine life and plenty of options for interesting snorkeling and diving in both the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific. There are areas good for both novice and experienced divers.

And if you want to get out of Cabo, you can head to the East Cape for off-roading adventures, hiking, surfing and truly tranquil beaches. We have friends that love to pitch their tent at sunset and listen to the lulling waves and the sounds of evening silence.

Personally, we love the summer months here because they are a bit quieter, the days are longer and the mood is just more relaxed. Most of our neighbors have headed back to the U.S. Northwest, Canada or Alaska, so it’s just us in our own private paradise.



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