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What Will the New Government of Mexico Be Like Under AMLO?

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Andrés Manuel López Obrador, more commonly known as AMLO, assumed his responsibilities as the new president of Mexico on December 1, 2018. What will the new government of Mexico be like under AMLO?

The AMLO administration, which is widely considered as a new era for good in Mexico politics, is finally here, replacing the Peña Nieto administration, which is considered the worst government in the modern history of the country by nearly three-fourths of the Mexican people.

After six long months of transition since the July elections, there already have been many changes in Mexico´s political life, particularly since the elected houses of parliament began their work in September.

Why are we Mexicans so excited about this so-called ¨Fourth Transformation,” a term AMLO has been using since the election? Well, first and foremost, AMLO is a politician who has always been close to the people and knows their needs very well. He captured his governing philosophy very well in one phrase: “First the poor, for the benefit of all.”

During AMLO’s inauguration as the 58th president of Mexico (Estados Unidos Mexicanos), he mentioned that his number one priority is to end the corruption and impunity that has corroded the nation, which Peña Nieto ignored during his time in office.

Another major change implemented by AMLO is that no one who works in public service is allowed to earn more money than the president, whose salary has been set at about US$65,000 a year. However, that ruling is being contested in Mexico’s Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN).

It is also worth mentioning that AMLO is an advocate for the impeachment power made by the people of Mexico. He will put himself into a review every two years, which is something that has never been done before.

In addition to this, AMLO rejected living in Los Pinos, which is the official residence of the Mexican president. He preferred to open it to the public as a museum and a place for the arts. Instead, he is living at the Palacio de Gobierno. He holds a press conference there every day at six in the morning, which often last an hour or longer.

AMLO has promised to work 16 hours a day, a promise hard to keep at age 65. He has also dismantled the Estado Mayor Presidencial, which is special department of security dedicated to protect the president. His reason? The good people will take care of him everywhere he goes.

And he has done even more. For example, he eliminated the millionaire pensions of all the former presidents of Mexico. He also is selling the presidential airplane to fly only on commercial flights, like the people of Mexico.

When AMLO officially assumed the presidency of Mexico on December 1st he gave two speeches, a formal one in the house of parliament and an informal one at El Zócalo in the heart of Mexico City to his followers.

At El Zócalo, AMLO received The Staff of Command, which was given to him by a woman who represented all the indigenous towns of Mexico. This was a very touching event because it was the first time all the indigenous people felt represented and respected by the president. People celebrated with traditional dances from every region in Mexico and many other performances.

Public opinion shows that most of the country feels the same way as the native Mexican people. We believe this is the beginning of a new era for the country and for every Mexican. For us, hearing that there will not be any increase in taxes, the minimum wage will be double from less than 90 pesos per day, the cost per liter of gasoline will be reduced and the promise of many other positive actions for the people of Mexico in the future give us hope and a belief in AMLO.

Only time will tell if the good for all will continue.


  1. As an American ex-pat, my hope for all of Mexico is that AMLO is able to pass the needed reforms. As an ex-pat our family is proud to reside in this beautiful country. It gives us hope for a better world, certainly when the current US President is corrupt, stupid + worthless. Hope is a fast impeachment.
    Thank you for the kind Mexican hospitality.
    Shepherd Family

  2. First I wish AMLO all the luck in the world and he’ll need it to reform the Mexican government! Secondly I must remind everyone that AMLO’s changes so far have been all cosmetic and verbal in nature. He is talking a good game, but not living in Los Pinos the next president can change that with a stroke of his or her pen. Selling the presidential plan is grand standing at best!! When he arrests multiple rich families and members of the Mexican deep state including important politicians then I’ll start to believe in him, not before. There is an old saying ” Talk is Cheap.” Lets see some results until then its talk and Grand Standing not substance!!
    Thirdly I am very skeptical, because he allowed two of the most corrupt and murderous so called presidents to come to his inauguration!! The so called president of Venezuela and his brother in murder the Sandanista president of Nicaragua. Bothe men are responsible for killing many of their own people, because their people protested their illegal actions in trying to keep power ignoring the constitutions of both countries. Look at Venezuela their the constitution was ignored and changed illegally in order for the president to stay in power!! In Nicaragua the people were ignored when he changed the constitution by presidential order instead of allowing the people of Nicaragua through their elected representatives to change the constitution accoding to the legal correct procedures. Both men have become dictators instead of duly elected leaders!
    For this reason I question AMLO as a leader what kind of an example did he show the Mexican people or the world by letting these two murderers and dictators come to his inauguration, not a good example at all! You see there is another old saying ” You are judged by your friends or acquiantances around you.” This is why AMLO is still to be judged by his real actions not by rhetoric and cheap actions such as selling the presidential plane!!
    As for Ms. Shepherd’s opinion show me the corruption show me his conviction in the U.S. Senate! Impeachment is only an accusation not proof of corruption. Look at what happened to Bill Clinton he was impeached and found not guilty, by a Republican Senate. The current U.S. president will never be removed from office by the current Senate good try though Ms. Shepherd you just showed your ignorance of your own countries constitution and how it works.
    To end my comments. I truly want AMLO to be successful, but so far it has been only talk and show piece actions. Until the substance comes I am skeptical, because he showed bad judgement allowing two dictators and murderers to attend his inauguration.. He needs to prove himself, before I start really, believing in him. I’ve lived in Mexico for 17 years and it is a beautiful country with loving and warm, people, but I’ve seen three presidents promise reform and almost nothing has been done, so why should I believe AMLO without tangible proof and action on his part not ” Window Dressing and talk.” When I see it I’ll believe it not until!! He needs to overcome his initial bad judgement at his inauguration!!


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