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Your Healthcare Needs When You Move to Mexico

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So, you are almost ready to retire and are thinking about moving to Mexico. You’re reading the articles and blogs on Expats In Mexico and other good information sources, having conversations with expats already living in Mexico and perhaps planning a trip to explore a couple of places that look good to you. But have you given enough thought to your healthcare needs when you move to Mexico?

All in all, this is one of the best times in your life. Your kids are grown, the mortgage is paid and Social Security checks arrive on time. The endless daily grind of the work world gives way to all kinds of possible ways to use your time. Sure, you think about the future, the future with you draped across a deck chair, margarita in hand.

And there are a whole bunch of other things that are in the front of your mind as you plan your move to Mexico: What kind of visa should I get? Should I sell my car and buy a new one? What household goods should I take? The list goes on and on.

I remember going through most of that myself when I moved to Mexico over a decade ago. I hope that moving to Mexico is one of the best life decisions you will ever make. It was for me.

But I also want to remind you of some very simple healthcare facts that sometimes get overlooked in all the excitement of planning and moving. You are probably pretty healthy, mobile and independent now, but you are also human. And that undoubtedly means that you’ll probably have to deal with healthcare issues in the future in a new and different land.

Humans sometimes get sick and if we are lucky, we age. And whether you have given it any thought or not, these things are inevitable. At some point you will be getting sick and you also will be aging in a culture that is very different from the one you are from in both glaringly obvious and insidiously subtle ways.

While expats often plan well for every other aspect of their move, healthcare needs are often not well planned.

Learning about the cultural difference in how healthcare is practiced in Mexico and thinking about medical care options without Medicare (they won’t just let you jump on a plane if you are seriously ill) are two important planning considerations. And, what about finding the medicines you need in your new home in Mexico? Have you thought about what to expect if you are hospitalized? What about end of life issues like nursing care? None of these important concerns are something we typically focus on until life demands that we do. Then it becomes a crisis or an emergency.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. A little knowledge goes a long way and if you are leaning into the future you are going to have a lot smoother ride when those bumps appear. With healthcare information and advance planning, you can deal with whatever life hands you in your new life in Mexico. Once you understand how things work and have considered the options available, you’ll be better able to enjoy the best time of your life.

I have and will be discussing healthcare issues and needs for expats In Mexico in this blog. I hope you find this information valuable as you plan your move. If you have questions or topics for future blogs, I would love to hear from you.